Samantha’s Story

Samantha is one such mother. She came to Guiding Star Wakota (GSW) overwhelmed by her situation as a single mother to two young children. She had recently left an abusive relationship and she was suffering mental and physical distress. The staff gave her diapers, and the emotional support and counseling she so desperately needed. This helped her realize she was doing a fine job raising her children. But her story didn’t end there.

Samantha tried to mend her relationship with her children’s father, then found herself pregnant again. She was seriously considering an abortion, but remembered that GSW was a safe place. Through the love and care she again received from GSW, Samantha courageously chose life for her baby. She ended the relationship and moved her family to safety. She enrolled in college, and became financially and emotionally independent. Now she is a heroic mom to her children who know they are loved and safe!

Samantha’s story shows just how Guiding Star is more than just a ministry, a pregnancy resource center, or a pro-life organization. We are a wholistic women’s healthcare movement that serves the entire woman and her family. Our centers are educating and empowering women to understand their bodies and embrace their own goodness. This, in turn, helps them understand that every human person is good and worthy of respect and honor.

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